World Cafe, April 15, 2019 – Notes from Food Resilience Table

World Cafe, April 15, 2019 – Notes from Food Resilience Table


Discussion starters:

-What measures can individuals/organizations take to assure more than a 3-day supply of food in WNC?”

-Are there any food deserts in Asheville? Where? How can we address them?

Discussion ideas:

– Ujamaa offered mobile source of food to food deserts

– Gleaners could pick up restaurant leftovers, like 12 Baskets, and feed the hungry and homeless

– “Cosmetically challenged” produced that is tossed by grocery stores could also be used

 -Local food waste and grocery store leftovers should go to a local composting system at the municipal level. Food “waste” becomes fertilizer for more food with lover cost.

– Using corn for biofuels is not a good thing

– We should respect local economies, don’t dump surplus foods that hurt local economies, e.g., Haiti

– Develop local, natural food delivery

– Reportedly 70% of U.S. agricultural production goes to feed cattle; only 5% for human consumption

Some local efforts that can be supported:

– Organic Growers School

– Earth Haven

– Food Policy Council

– Buncombe Fruit and Nut Club

– Community Garden Network and Gardens that Give

– Firefly Gathering (permaculture)

– Appalachian Sustainable Agricuilture Project (ASAP)

– Southeast Permaculture Association

– Others??

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