Sustainable Materials Management

Sustainable Materials Management

The Earth provides all of the necessary sources of materials and nutrients for life forms and living systems as well as being highly efficient with use  of these materials as nutrients with no concept of waste or pollution, something we as humans can learn from to utilize in our own human created civilization and systems.

We, as humans are part of the living systems of the Earth and we have the awareness and capacity to live abundantly and harmoniously with the planet utilizing new technologies and ideas for management and methods of stewardship of resources and materials for all life on the planet to share.

This presentation will focus on sustainable materials management systems and technologies. Information and statistics about materials, waste and recycling will be highlighted. Conscious management at local, regional and global levels and technological developments in sustainable materials systems will be featured.

Our speaker, Dylan Case, is knowledgeable in natural systems and human created systems on the planet. He has a wide background of experience and has worked in computer hardware and software technologies and development. He has a great passion and care for community, the environment and all life on the planet with a focus on sustainable systems design. He is currently engaged in volunteer support and help for clean energy technologies and energy efficiency, environmental care, and materials management here locally in Asheville, NC. Here is a link to his website

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