Two days of learning how to work with fruit and nut trees in a way that works with nature. This year’s fruit school will be divided into 4 sections over 2 days with a lunch break provided of homemade soup and bread. Learn more about the school here: THE CLASSES Saturday, March 25th 9am-noon: Orchard site analysis and species selection. Get off on the left foot with a different approach to observation, site planning, taking a good look at

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Transition Asheville Skill Share Fair Celebrates 5 Years of Being Official

By Dylan Ryals-Hamilton On August 20th 2016 Transition Asheville, NC celebrated its 5th anniversary as an officially recognized Transition Initiative (entering as the 88th initiative in the U.S. in 2011). To celebrate, a Transition Asheville Skill Share Fair was held at a local charter school, the Francine Delany New School for Children. A total of fifteen generous teachers shared their skills in conflict resolution, home energy efficiency, making herbal medicine, humanure composting, cob and natural building, naalbinding (an ancient Viking

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