Notes from World Cafe, April 15, 2019 – Clean Energy

Notes from World Cafe, April 15, 2019 – Clean Energy

Discussion starters:

– How can individuals and organizations we’re part of help Asheville and Buncombe County reach their clean energy goals?

– What can individuals do locally to support City Council’s resolution calling for the City of Asheville to power itself with 100% renewable energy by the year 2030?  Reduce carbon footprint by 80% by 2050?

Discussion ideas:

– Learn from countries that are already going 100% renewable, e.g., Costa Rica

– Develop neighborhood microgrids with ample battery storage

– Deal with the elephant in the room, i.e., Duke Energy

– Support electric vehicles, including buses and shuttles

– Learn about the Cadmus Group Consulting Firm that is advising the city and county in developing plans to reach their goals about 100% renewable energy within coming decades

Where to get involved:

– SACEE (the city’s Sustainable Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment); attend their meetings

– EITF (Energy Initiative Task Force)

– Blue Horizons Project (with Duke Energy)

– Community Roots

– Energy Savers Network;

– WNC Renewables Coalition


– Sierra Club


– Others…

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