Notes from SACEE meeting, Feb. 15, 2017

Notes from SACEE meeting, Feb. 15, 2017

From Ron Martin-Adkins

Assuming I heard correctly, here are some items of interest to Transition types from the meeting
of Asheville’s Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE)

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  • There is a clean energy framework that has been adopted.
  • An effort is underway to involve local business partners, including Biltmore and the Chamber of Commerce. Thus far, there are 48 registered business participants.
  • The city is doing a facilities study to determine appropriateness for solar installations on city buildings.
  • There is, or soon will be, a “Clean Building Checklist” for contractors for incorporating
    clean energy features into their projects.
  • Plans are in the works to train city staff, as well as builders/contractors, regarding clean
    energy programs.
  • The expectation is that Duke Energy will expand its “My Home Energy Report” to go to
    business customers as well as residential customers.
  • The City is in regular discussion with the County regarding many clean energy measures.
  • The Energy Efficiency Task Force is hampered somewhat by irregular participation by Duke Energy representatives.
  • Duke will soon announce an automated metering system, as well as some anticipated
    “surprise” measures.
  • The Jacobson Report/Analysis from Stanford University indicates that cities can go to fully clean energy by 2050. This was the basis for Boone’s City Council resolution that recently passed. Asheville’s mayor and other officials are in favor of a similar resolution. It would be a symbolic step, however, and would not change what SACEE and the City
    already are planning as part of the 2025 Comprehensive Plan.
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