I have a Green Dream

I have a Green Dream

I Have a Green Dream

In February, participants in a church class were encouraged to write an “I Have a Green Dream” speech. Here is one such effort.

I have a dream…that all people will gladly and with profound gratitude acknowledge that humans exist as a product of nature, our Mother, no more seeing her as something apart from us and to be conquered.

I have a dream…that all will set aside the rigid religious and political dogmas that have denied the scientific findings that human intelligence and wisdom have helped us to become aware of our connections to the cosmos.

I have a dream…that we will honor those who have freed us from chains of superstition and ignorance, among others I list these: Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, and Carson.

I have a dream… that the wisdom of pre-industrial peoples will be recognized, that they adapted their societies to fit their landscape in ways that sustained their civilizations for thousands of years.

I have a dream…that the insights of permaculture, often building upon those earlier cultures, will influence Earth’s peoples to live wisely upon this planet.

I have a dream…that our educational institutions will emphasize our need for and connection to wilderness by telling the life stories of those who brought its treasures to our attention, among them Thoreau, von Humboldt, Muir, Powell, Olmsted, Leopold and Abbey.

I have a dream…that our energy for transportation, business and home will come primarily from sun, wind and water rather than from fossil fuels.

I have a dream…that an annual award with the prestige of the Nobel Prize will go to an individual or organization that has contributed greatly to helping keep Earth’s healthy capacity for life.

I have a dream…that the world’s economies will continue to move away from dependence on extracting Earth’s resources to recycling and re-using natural resources, and tapping more fully into clean energy from sunlight, wind and water, and that economies will pay much more attention to maintaining a healthy environment rather than to what is thought to be growth.

I have a dream…that people the world over will recognize the beauty and diversity of life on Earth as incredibly wonderful, and will express the simple yet profound words “My God, what a miracle, and what a privilege to be part of it

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