Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Answers to Your Questions

Question 1: Does it cost anything?

Answer 1: No. Donations are welcome, however.

Question 2: How will involvement in this group benefit me?

Answer 2: Individuals benefit from knowing others in a trusting and caring local community. Most people belong to many communities, through their work, faiths, and interests. Often missing is the connection to place and people who share the same geography. Getting to know your neighbors is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to build a resilient community.

Question 3: What can I learn?

Answer 3: Our goal is to share and learn from each other. Our members include people with varying degrees of expertise in food, gardening, home skills, alternative energy, permaculture, community building, and many more. We also invite outside experts to speak, and learn from solutions-focused movies.

Question 4: How do I get involved?

Answer 4: Come to one of our events posted on our calendar or our Facebook page. Attend a meeting of our Common Table (planning group), first Monday of each month.

Question 5: How is TA governed?

Answer 5: The Common Table is a group of volunteers who do planning and set policies. Decisions are made by consensus or the model of dynamic governance.

Question 6: Who decides what events and actions take place?

Answer 6: The Common Table will consider any project suggested by persons involved with Transition and that is in keeping with the values and concerns of Transition