April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Transportation

April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Transportation

Discussion starters:

– How can individuals/organizations help limit our dependence on fossil fuel vehicles in WNC?”

– How do you get to work? 

– Do you feel that public transportation in Asheville is adequate?  How are we doing on the “Asheville Redefines Transit” slogan? (ART bus line)

Discussion ideas:

– “Power of Community”, the experience of Cuba during the oil embargo

–  free ourselves from car dependence

– zip cars, city car sharing option; rent for a few hours

– public transit is not frequent or reliable; no public transit where I live

– intentional communities can provide equity in terms of transport for medicine, food, etc.

– Shift mind set from “me” to “we”, and out of consumer mindframe.

– consider 12-seater electric powered vans

– we need more sidewalks and bide lanes

– look into plasma energy (Keshe Foundation) being used in Italy, China, and Ghana

Where to get involved:

– City’s Transit Commission

– Bike & Pedestrian Task Force  

– EV (Electric Vehicle) Club

– Car pooling, ride-sharing

– Others…

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