April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Climate Change

April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Climate Change

Discussion starters:

-What can individuals and organizations do to prepare for and adapt to climate change impacts in WNC?

-How do you respond to someone who says that the fight to prevent climate change is a losing battle? 

– If you also feel it’s a lost cause, how do we minimize the adverse impacts of the “inevitable” climate change?

Discussion ideas:

– change the systems humans live under (political/economic) and think of this more than climate change

– hope seen in education that deals with climate and sustainability in high school, colleges, and universities

– movie: “The Last Straw”

– the book “Active Hope” with its “hope spiral”: 1. express gratitude 2. admit despair and mourn what’s happening to life on Earth; 3. realize you have overcome obstacles in the past; 4. marshal resources in yourself and others so that you then have power to act with hope

– there is hope in our “unburdened” (with the past) young people

– be supportive of the young people who are acting

Where to get involved:

– Sierra Club

– Sunrise group

– educational efforts in many places locally

– The Collider


– Creation Care Alliance

– City & County efforts to adapt to climate changes

– 350.org

– Community Roots

– Other…

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