April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Building Community

April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Building Community

Discussion starters:

– What are ways individuals/organizations can contribute to a stronger sense of community in WNC?”

– How do you typically get to know your neighbors? 

– How do you feel about the claim that the proliferation of short-term rentals (AirBnB) is detrimental to the sense of community in some Asheville neighborhoods?  Hotels vs. Housing?

Discussion ideas:

– meet your neighbors

– dog walking

– traveling dinners

– neighborhood potlucks

– yoga together

– yard sales

– tool sharing

– baby sitting

– more “veggie” competitions

– book study groups

– be aware of short term visitors – offer them information

– community centers for transients

– community gardens

– random acts of connection

– meet in barbershops/salons or other safe community centers

– libraries and schools

– connect with mental health centers

– combined initiative among schools for “Drawdown Competitions”

– develop a neighborhood website/facebook page

– connect with places of worship

– make extra contributions in your neighborhood for solar usage

Where to get involved:

– Asheville’s “Neighborhood Advisory Committee” and “Neighborhood Services”

– Community forums

– Transition Asheville

– Events listings in local newspapers

– Asheville TimeBank

– Community Roots

– Others…

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