April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Alternative Economics

April 15, 2019 World Cafe Notes – Alternative Economics

Discussion starters:

– How can we loosen the hold of capitalism on our lives?”

– Some transition towns in the UK and even in the US have adopted local currencies.  Do you think that’s feasible in Asheville, especially with our tourism-centered economy? 

– What are the challenges, and how can we overcome those barriers?

Discussion ideas:

– donate hours for community projects, e.g., AMS peace garden

– tax the rich!

– pass universal health care

– guaranteed universal minimum income?

– talk to “Fox News”-ers or Republicans

– time banks provide gender & economic equality

– expand the local food system to produce more jobs

– have tailgate markets form a grocery store

– create a county “organic” label

Moving into food resilience ideas:

– food “waste” recycling, e.g., leftover food at schools sent home to families

– cooperate with Ingles to create jobs and use “old” food

– municipal composting

Where to get involved:

– French Broad Food Co-Op (and other worker-owned businesses)

– Asheville Time Bank

– Mutual Aid movement

– consider local currency (Biltmore Bucks is a step in that direction)

– Intertrade

– Make tourist services pay better to workers

– Community Roots

– Others…

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