Transition Asheville’s October Social

On October 15th, we had the pleasure of hearing from Vicki Meath about the work of the local Just Economics group. Her report generated a lot of interest in the people in attendance. This was the third in our series focusing on economics. Vicki talked a lot about the effort to raise the minimum wage in NC, and to encourage local employers to pay a livable wage. The latter work has thus far certified more than 400 employers as paying wages that can help employees support themselves without taking on two or three jobs. For more information, go to

A heads up about the November gathering. We want to celebrate our ninth year in existence by having a potluck and potlatch. This will take place at First Congregational UCC, 20 Oak Street in downtown Asheville, beginning at 6:30pm. You know about potlucks (bring some food to share); perhaps you don’t know about a potlatch. It involves bringing something used in good condition that you think someone else can make use of, now that it sits idle somewhere where you reside. More information to follow.

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