September Gathering

The Transition Asheville gathering on September 17 featured an interview of David Korten conducted by Thom Hartmann. Korten’s brilliance shines through in his understanding that to save Earth, ourselves, and democracy, we must change the story that governs how we understand the world and our choices. He shares a compelling new story to guide our transition from a corporate-power to a people-power future (as published in his book, Change the Story, Change the Future). He speaks a forbidden but self-evident truth: seduced by a fabricated Sacred Money and Markets story, we live in indentured service to money-seeking corporate robots and relate to Earth as if it were a dead rock for sale.
The interview generated a lively discussion about how we move to fuller realization that we are living beings born of a Living Earth born of a Living Universe. Life is sacred. Money is just a number.

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